I count my pounds lost to create a fuller, healthier life for me and my family and to help children in another land have food to eat.
I Count For Them!

Weight Loss

  • Week 12-13: 226.6
  • Week 11: 228.0
  • Week 10: 230.0
  • Week 9: 225.0
  • Week 6-8: Stayed the Same
  • Week 5: 226.6
  • Week 4: 227.0
  • Week 3: 229.4
  • Week 2: 230.3
  • Week 1: 232.2
  • Starting Weight: 241.2

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week #5 Report

It has been a cold yucky raining kind of week.
My mood pretty much matched the weather.
I have been worried about my 7 year old (you can read more about that here), had a great case of pms and pretty much just felt like staying in my jammies all week.
So you will notice I didn't keep my tracking log this week and I didn't exercise every day.   I am amazed I even get to report a loss at all.
It isn't a whole pound but it is a loss.  0.4.
My eating wasn't super bad....pretty good considering but I hope to do much better in the new week.   I am still fighting the blues but hoping they go away with the stormy weather.

I found this saying and loved it!!!!
Been there done that and here I am again....NOT giving up this time even if I do have a bad week!

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