I count my pounds lost to create a fuller, healthier life for me and my family and to help children in another land have food to eat.
I Count For Them!

Weight Loss

  • Week 12-13: 226.6
  • Week 11: 228.0
  • Week 10: 230.0
  • Week 9: 225.0
  • Week 6-8: Stayed the Same
  • Week 5: 226.6
  • Week 4: 227.0
  • Week 3: 229.4
  • Week 2: 230.3
  • Week 1: 232.2
  • Starting Weight: 241.2

For My Daughters

For My Girls,
By the time I was your age I had gone through some hard things.   But it was those hard things that helped me see the value in making good choices.  When I entered the Young Women's Program at age 12 I was so excited about working on my Personal Progress goals.  I was determined to receive
my Young Womanhood Recognition.   I worked hard and then got to the projects and worked even harder.   My Mom was a huge support and helped me every step of the way.   Some of my projects included creating a filing system for my preschool papers, lessons and ideas and with the help of my Mom we made a beautiful quilt with the Young Womanhood medallion image in the center.   I learned so much as I worked on each goal and each project but the two things I learned most were:  1.  Our Heavenly Father was pleased with my efforts and was aware of me.  2.  I could really do things....I could create and strive and I could achieve.

Here I am a Mom of 4 and I am once again working on Personal Progress.   Mom's are now allowed to work the program along with their daughters.   I love that I have the opportunity to be an example for you.   An example that if you put your mind to it  and ask God for help all things are possible and YOU can make a difference in your life, your community and you can make a difference in this world.

I hope as you watch me work at this goal and work on this project you will remember I am doing this for YOU as well as for THEM.

You are both a great blessing to me....a dream come true ....you are both miracles!
But most of all you are both Daughters of a Heavenly Father who loves you very much and wants you to be happy!
I want that too!
I know working the Personal Progress program will bring you peace, joy, knowledge and a closer relationship to God and His Son.
I Love you!

*If you would like to learn more about Young Women's Personal Progress go here.

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