I count my pounds lost to create a fuller, healthier life for me and my family and to help children in another land have food to eat.
I Count For Them!

Weight Loss

  • Week 12-13: 226.6
  • Week 11: 228.0
  • Week 10: 230.0
  • Week 9: 225.0
  • Week 6-8: Stayed the Same
  • Week 5: 226.6
  • Week 4: 227.0
  • Week 3: 229.4
  • Week 2: 230.3
  • Week 1: 232.2
  • Starting Weight: 241.2

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So it begins....

Journal Entry #1
February 24, 2014
I got up this morning in anticipation of my first weigh in.   While I knew already about where I was it seemed sort of "official" this morning.   My number isn't pretty but it is the big fat truth.
 I weigh 241.2 pounds.  
Day One.
Yes the girl who is 5'2" (and a half I might add) is carrying around over 100 pounds of extra weight.   According to the Weight Watcher calculator I should weigh between 109 - 137.  
Yikes...even at the high end of that number I am over 100 pound mark.
 How did I get here?
I know the answers but it all comes down to one sentence..
I forgot to take care of myself.
Through all our family building adventures, all the serving in adoption and all the loving on little sweeties as we worked as Foster Parents....I forgot to take care of my body.    I also have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which makes ignoring my body that much worse because one of it's very big issues is weight.   PCOS loves to help me put on weight.   I could blame it on all PCOS but I know better.
I am now 40 year old, it is going to take lots of work to get this weight off but I know with
God all things are possible! 

Today I ate just the way I should and I got out and exercised walking 2.52 miles and then later had fun with my kids working out using Just Dance 4 on the Wii.   I drank lots of water (still should have had more) and tonight I am feeling pretty great about my first day!   I know everyday won't be this well "put together" but I will rejoice in the good days and remember I am not perfect on the hard ones.

As I was walking today I had this little face in my mind often.  I so want to just fly over there and bring him home but adoption from this country is not an option at this time.
 It is heartbreaking really.

Thank you for joining me in the journey!   I feel you all behind me....like extra power unseen! 
 I truly appreciate YOU!!!