I count my pounds lost to create a fuller, healthier life for me and my family and to help children in another land have food to eat.
I Count For Them!

Weight Loss

  • Week 12-13: 226.6
  • Week 11: 228.0
  • Week 10: 230.0
  • Week 9: 225.0
  • Week 6-8: Stayed the Same
  • Week 5: 226.6
  • Week 4: 227.0
  • Week 3: 229.4
  • Week 2: 230.3
  • Week 1: 232.2
  • Starting Weight: 241.2

Friday, May 16, 2014

Reporting on Week 10 & 11.

"When you're under stress, you may find it harder to eat healthy. Also, during times of particularly high stress, you may eat in an attempt to fulfill emotional needs — sometimes called stress eating or emotional eating. And you may be especially likely to eat high-calorie foods during times of stress, even when you're not hungry."  Mayo Clinic Article Stress and Weight management.

This has been my life the past 2 weeks!  The stress has been so high and I have struggled!  Struggled with the lack of desire to exercise, to eat healthy, to do anything I am suppose to do to create balance in my life and home.   Issues with Camden at school and with his ADHD and anxiety I have spent alot of time venting, crying and just feeling lost.   Then I went to work researching what is best for him.   The decision has finally been made and arrangements are in the works to make Camden's 2014-15 school year successful.   And we finally know for sure Brenley will have surgery and her awesome teachers and advisers at school made it possible for Brenley to have rest until her surgery.  She is done with school for the year.    Having these two issues resolved (or at least the answer is known) I am hoping I can start to feel myself again.  I thought I would feel and instant relief but I still feel keyed up and have had headaches for 3 days now.   

I am sharing all of this not to bore you but hoping you won't think I am totally loser when I share with you that the past two weeks my weight has been fluctuating all over the place.  Up and down and I have no idea how much I really weigh right now.   I am still making progress in my journey as I am learning how to overcome challenges.  I just have to remember this is a life long journey and not something I can accomplish in 3 or 4 months.   Thank you for sticking with me.  I am trying to stay positive but it has been hard.   But I am here and I am working.. every day I am working whether it shows or not.

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